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WUJHA Real Estate's management believes the Company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of one a rising BTS & BTL property developer in Oman and the Middle East. The Company has a proven track record of delivery through all market cycles, having delivered almost 250 units since launching its first residential development in 2003. As of 31st June 2015, the Company has 200 units at various stages of planning and progress across the Middle East region. WUJHA Real Estate's hospitality portfolio will extend to reach around 180 units of hotel rooms, and serviced hotel apartments. WUJHA Real Estate intends for investors to benefit from attractive returns, driven by strong financial results and enhanced margins resulting from the Company's full development phase business model. The Company aims to maintain a progressive dividend policy, but reserves the flexibility to amend the policy going forward, depending on market conditions. Geographic expansion, across key target markets that are customer led, alongside product innovation, such as co-branded developments with premium brands, ensure that the Company is well positioned for future growth.


  • Regionally recognized brand.
  • The reasonable growth of the medium & premium Oman's property market and beyond.
  • Proven business model with strong margins and attractive returns.
  • Advanced in-house design, sales, and project execution as well as service and hospitality capabilities.
  • Future growth secured by existing development pipeline and ability to source new opportunities.
  • Highly experienced management team and committed shareholders.
  • Locally recognized brand and leading property developer in Oman.
  • WUJHA Real Estate's strong reputation and regionally recognized brand are based on its track record of delivering high-quality developments, such as its Bait Muhra apartment project in Amerat area, and Dar Al Qamar apartment project in S. Mawalih area in Muscat.
  • The Company believes that its strong position and strong brand translate into higher sales volumes, which also enables it to achieve higher profit margins than many of its competitors typically achieve.
  • Oman continues to exhibit strong and steadily economic growth across a number of key sectors. Alongside Oman's strong growth prospects, the region is also seeing an increased influx of expatriates and more foreign investment, a rising population, and growth in tourism, further driving demand for prime residential property.
  • WUJHA Real Estate is therefore getting positioned to continue to play a role among the leaders in property development market in the further development of the region's real estate market as the sector witnesses a cyclical recovery on the back of rising demand, renewed investor confidence and improved economic fundamentals.
  • Proven business model with strong profit margin generation and attractive returns.
  • A strong commitment to maximizing profit margins and returns on equity shapes WUJHA Real Estate's planning and decision-making processes.
  • The Company believes it achieves higher profit margins and high returns on equity through:
  • Aggressive project cost management
  • Land acquisitions in prime locations at good value.
  • Active capital management.
  • Speed of execution
  • Sophisticated and proactive sales and marketing teams
  • Advanced in-house design, sales, execution, service and hospitality capabilities
  • Key to WUJHA Real Estate's financial success is its ability to generate strong sales on units in a project from launch. The Company has a number of dedicated in-house teams, including Sales and Marketing, Design, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Acquisitions, which are instrumental in every step of the design, construction and sales process.
  • Future growth secured by existing development pipeline and ability to source new opportunities.
  • WUJHA Real Estate has and is negotiating a high-quality, well-located pipeline of in-progress developments, which will drive near-term growth, both within Oman and regionally. Its expansion into branded apartments has enhanced the Company's future growth, with top associations with internationally recognized brands such as EHAF engineering consultancy and AMAR properties.
  • Conservative business model: Low leverage.
  • Part of WUJHA Real Estate's conservative business model, of paying the majority of construction costs from installment payments received on sales of units, allows it to operate at low levels of leverage as well as mitigating risk to the Company's pipeline. It's conservative and flexible capital structure, alongside management's ability, also enables it to respond quickly to changes in the economic cycle.
  • Highly experienced management team and a committed shareholders
  • The Company is led by a management team of directors and senior managers with significant experience in the real estate construction industry, as well as in marketing, human resource management, company administration, corporate finance, legal and accounting. The Board draws its knowledge and skills from both local and international experience.